Comics are king for readers and as resources for new movies, digital media, video games and online gaming. King Midas World Entertainment has signed a Partnership Agreement with DC Comics to publish worldwide graphic novels and periodicals of the Tyrant, based on and/or derived from the content of the best selling novel The Seven Sins: The Tyrant Ascending.
The announcement follows the movie adaptation, first of the franchise, already in the active stages of development with top Hollywood producers and projected to become a blockbuster hit.
Tyrant will now be published by DC, publisher of great Characters such as Batman, Superman, the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and others.
Tyrant will be the first Las Vegas character/icon to be depicted in comics and is an antihero representing the American dream for which anything is possible. A dark and complex character that is perfect for Las Vegas, the city of dreams.
Driven and inspired by the power of the mysterious Medallion that was once found in ruins of the Roman Empire, and passed to him by his father, Michael Tiranno, ‘The Tyrant,’ draws strength from it following the brutal slaying of his parents and subsequent upbringing by a potent Mafia crime lord in the Sicilian countryside. He eventually cut ties with his adopted father, and moves to America, settles into Las Vegas and builds an empire beginning with the Seven Sins casino resort, the most extravagant and grandest ever built.
The company through its affiliates, as part of its long-term efforts, intends sometime in the future, to build the actual Seven Sins casino as depicted in books, comics, digital media and movies of the Franchise.
The 'Mystique' of the Medallion is derived by the inscription in Latin "Somnia, Aude, Vince" ("To Dream, To Dare, To Win,") a powerful, mysterious link to ancient, ruthless conquerors, emperors and kings, yet the key to the modern empire of Michael Tiranno, 'The Tyrant.'
Tyrant the Dark Knight of Las Vegas, is now to become the first Comic Character of Sin City ever. He is depicted as a casino tycoon with an amazing and inspiring story full of action and mystery, crafting a life style concept like never seen before.