King Midas World is an independent company, which is still in the initiation phase. The Company is expected to operate in the Hotel and Casino industry sometime in the future, subject to market conditions and securing acceptable opportunities in the Casino and Resort sector.

Seven Sins , the crown jewel Megaresort and Casino of Michael Tiranno's gaming empire, as depicted in the Comics, Books, and Films of the Tyrant franchise will be more than just a fictional Las Vegas property. Through its affiliates King Midas World Entertainment, intends to take Seven Sins and turn it into a reality... a true Las Vegas mega resort, and online gaming experience for both payout and social applications.

Seven Sins is also a branded and innovative gaming formula, having proprietary elements and concepts created by King Midas World Entertainment that will be strategically implemented in any casino property, eventually licensed and or acquired by King Midas World and its affiliates.