"Tyrant Interactive Media LLC (TIME) announced that Legion Capital America LLC (LCA), controlled by entrepreneur investor Fabrizio Boccardi, agreed to make an investment in the form of a secured convertible loan in its startup business. This includes developing, marketing and distribution of proprietary software directed at building the first generation of Tyrant products, which are based on an exclusive license by King Midas World Entertainment (KMWE).

KMWE through its subsidiaries has previously announced the release or active development of the Tyrant Franchise in films, books, comics and branding.

The investment will be made in phases and will be subject to satisfactory due diligence including further analysis of development and strategy to market.

King Midas World Entertainment will contribute the Intellectual Property while Legion Capital America will initially provide up to $1 million in cash, subject to certain requirements and review.
Tyrant Interactive Media is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of King Midas World Entertainment, Inc.”