With a stated goal of creating an international franchise with the Tyrant, King Midas World Entertainment is slowly and effectively  turning Michael Tiranno, The Tyrant, into a household name worldwide.

Toward that end, the Company through its subsidiaries and or affiliates is in final negotiations with top Hollywood studios to develop his ground breaking book serie  into a film franchise.

"The Tyrant franchise is not intended to be a trilogy or a series," said Boccardi. "We plan to carefully manage and develop it in a manner similar to Broccoli's ''James Bond' formula, and DC Comics’ Batman whereupon movies are developed and produced individually on a schedule that sees a new movie roughly every three to seven years.

"In The Tyrant franchise, we are creating a contemporary myth which will not only be innovative and ground breaking in the motion picture industry, but will also be well-received by today's audiences seeking new and exciting entertainment opportunities," Boccardi said. "Such a concept will innovate and differentiate the delivery of the entertainment product to the audience, addressing some very basic challenges that any media company, big or small, faces in the current highly competitive motion picture environment."