The Beanstalk Group and King Midas World Entertainment signed Brand Development Agreement for The Tyrant

King Midas World Entertainment and Beanstalk (part of the Omnicom Group, Inc. Diversified Agency Services “NYSE:OMC”) signed a licensing representation agreement for The Tyrant.

Beanstalk, a global brand licensing agency and consultancy, extends brands through the strategic and creative development of licensed products. The company works with corporate brands, celebrities, entertainment properties, and other high-profile clients to leverage licensing as a strategic tool to enhance brand awareness, increase consumer touch-points, and generate revenue.

King Midas World Entertainment has partnered with one of the best global brand development agencies in the business, while developing future books in The Tyrant series in addition to comics and graphic novels which are currently being developed in conjunction with DC Comics and a potential film franchise which is now in the active stages of development with advanced negotiations underway.

The Tyrant has great potential to become a franchise with several inherent brand qualities for licensing success, as well as the book series, movie development, social media and comic projects,” said Michael Stone, CEO of Beanstalk. “The story is comprised of great characters, a terrific storyline, and a timeless good versus evil theme. There’s an epic quality to the concept of The Tyrant that makes the property very interesting and unique with an enduring and motivating lifestyle component accessible to a broad base of interests, ages and demographics.

The Tyrant is one of those rare characters and concepts with the potential to transcend from being simply memorable to becoming iconic and a fabric of contemporary pop culture,” added Stone.